Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems


Equator™ Gauging System

Product Description

The Equator is a flexible gauge that is designed to provide speed, repeatability and ease of use for manual or automated applications.  The Equator is a highly valuable option for manufacturers who are looking to replace their current gauging method.  Its system enables process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile, and re-programmable gauging to the shop floor.

Purchasing an Equator will see a rapid return on investment – Equator’s automated system can greatly increase throughput and naturally will simultaneously reduce labor costs.  The Equator is also a fraction of the cost of an equivalent custom gauging system, including associated fixturing.  There is also no need to pay for expensive rework of custom gauges in order to gauge modified or new parts because of the Equator’s re-programmable readiness.

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